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The design of the Villarceau Table is based on a geometric characteristic discovered by the French astronomer Yvon Villarceau. Main concept is to design a shape by using a mathematical achievement in order to explore a design concept based on the aesthetic dimensions of scientific knowledge.

The Villarceau circles are a family of circles constructed by slicing a torus with bitangent planes at a specific angle (Théorème Villarceau, 1838). Every point on a torus can have four circles drawn through it; two of them are the Villarceau circles. They are named after the French mathematician who discovered them, Yvon Villarceau. The slicing plane passes through the torus’ center. Hence the slicing angle depends on the dimensions of the torus itself. Each bitangent plane (i.e., a plane tangent to the torus at exactly two different points) intersects the surface along the two Villarceau cirlces.

The design of the Villarceau Table is based on the principle of the Villarceau circles. First, the basic dimensions and proportions of the torus were determined. Then it was sliced by a bitangent plane to generate the Villarceau Circles. By rotating the circles around the center of the torus a pattern of interconnected circles resulted.

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steel, nickel plating,  glass
100 cm x 100 cm x 43 cm, Diameter of steel rods: 6 mm
Edition of 8 + 2 A/P


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