Sofa I

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The main purpose of Philipp Aduatz' Sofa I is to function as a prototype for a smaller complement to the Dormeuse. It has an couch-like appearance, perfect for two poeple resting. The edition consists of five pieces where each
piece is -due to the handwork- unique.
The pieces are made from polystyrene foam. After digitizing, the 3D scan data is used as basis for modeling the Sofa II, a new design currently still in process. The pieces of the edition Sofa I are coated with glue and a special polyurethane lacquer to make the objects durable and usable.

First sketch

Clay model

Scanning the clay model

First 3D Data

Approximating the surface with section layers

Section layer model

Smoothing the layers

Covering sufrace with glue and adding glass fibre reinforcement

lacquering with PU lacquer

Finished model

3D scanning of the model

The final design: "Sofa II", coming soon..