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Reversed Process Lamp


With the concept of the Reversed Process Furniture Philipp Aduatz is trying to rethink and reinvent his process of designing objects by flipping the order of the design stages.  His aim is to create objects with a distinct sculptural character by using an experimental approach on the design process.

The Reversed Design Process has the aim to reverse Aduatz classic process of designing furniture. Here he starts the process not with an initial idea or vision of a prospective design but with a factory produced object that is purchased in a store. In the second phase material is added or subtracted from the object. There is no limitation in the selection of materials or tools Aduatz uses; finally he covers the geometry with papier-mâché, a very versatile material to shape large geometries. After the final finish of the object, the idea of the object with its final shape appears now at the end instead of the beginning- exactly reversed as in his classic design process.

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metal, polystyrene-foam, papier mâché, resin, lacquer
35 x 21 x 125 cm

Reversed Process Stool

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