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Gradient Bench Small


The 3D printed gradient furniture collection is Philipp Aduatz latest project in the field of 3D concrete printing in collaboration with the Austrian manufacturer incremental3d.

3D concrete printing is a new and innovative fabrication technology that allows to print very large and complex structures in construction and design in a very short time period. The advantages are not only from ecological and economic reasons, no extensive mould production is necessary, but also from new aesthetic qualities. As part of a research project, incremental3d is currently exploring the dyeing of concrete. The strategy is to apply dye during the printing process directly into the nozzle and therefore reduce workload, waste and time delay. This allows a coloured design in concrete applied locally point by point and not globally, like it used to be before only possible.

The Gradient

An image gradient refers to the change of intensity of color within an image. In image processing, the gradient of an image is one of the fundamental building blocks.

Designer statement about the gradient:” For many years, I have been obsessed by the concept of a gradient which reflects elegance and harmony to me. I believe that the gradient is, in regards to the perception of the environment and its digital reflection, a fundamental design principle. It has a mathematical aesthetic and precision that I have always been admiring. With this project I want to combine the design of the gradient with different functional objects by the use of innovative fabrication technologies.” Philipp Aduatz


In cooperation with incremental3d


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Gradient Bench Small, 2021

149 x 56 x 45 cm
3D printed concrete dyed
reinforced with steel
available in red, blue, beige, green and black
Limited Edition of 50


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