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Folded Chair


Philipp Aduatz´ Folded Chair and Folded Stool artistically contain and freeze the movement of draped linen. The downward cascading drapery is artificially stabilized so that the aesthetics of the folded linen is permanently on display. What makes the Folded Chair and Folded Stool even more fascinating is their surreal and magic touch, for there always remains the question of what is hiding underneath the sheet.

The production of the Folded Series started with the selection of a chair and a stool, which were then covered with a foil to protect them against the resin. Next, sheets of linen were used to test the proportions of the folding. Then the linen sheets were soaked with resin and draped over the pieces. After the resin had hardened the chair and the stool were removed. Finally, the undersides of the Folded Chair and Folded Stool were reinforced with load bearing structures and stiffened with polyurethane foam.

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Linen, polyester resin, PU foam, lacquer
90 x 80 x 80 cm
Edition size: 5 + 3

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