Flower Chair Design Process


First Sketch

CNC milled seating studies

Production of Prototype

A part of the design are the carbon fibers which can be seen through the surface

Design Process

Flower Chair Design Process


The Flower Chair by Philipp Aduatz was developed based on the Singularity Table. In a continuation of the theme, the Flower Chair focuses on the sensation of gravitational pull by a black hole. Figuratively speaking, the Flower Chair is obtained by bending one side of the Singularity Table upwards. The logical result relating to the form is a chair.
As for the Singularity Table, the most important aspect in creating the Flower Chair was the combination of a scientific approach to design and the suitability for daily use. On the top side of the seat the carbon fibers are visible through a transparent polymer layer. Thus the inner architecture of the chair becomes part of the design.
Several prototypes were CNC milled in polystyrene to optimize the seating comfort. Rapid prototyping was implemented for developing the proportions of the Flower Chair.
The name of the object is also connected to the design process in a special way: most people who glimpsed the early prototypes quickly associated them with a flower – and referring to that fact Aduatz named his object Flower Chair.

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