Canvas Table Small





Experimental and Unique

Canvas Table Small


The concept of the Canvas Tables by Austrian Designer Philipp Aduatz is to combine experimental furniture with a traditional oil painting technique. The idea is to use the top surface of a unique table as a canvas for an artwork.

The shape of the tables is produced by moulding resin on a plate and the outline of the tables is formed depending on the viscosity of the resin.  Then the tables are painted with oil-based paint, the motive for the paintings is the soft fading of a gradient like it can be seen in a clear sky. After the paint is dried the surface is coated with a special clear lacquer to protect the oil color and make the table suitable for daily use. The steel legs underneath the table are connected with a fiberglass reinforced resin construction to the plate.

Click here if you are interested in further information about the design process of this object.

Different resins, Fiberglass, oil paint, steel, clear coating
40cm Diameter, 43cm height, unique

Canvas Table Medium

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