Amphora Vase at Paris Design Week 2018

Amphora Vase at Paris Design Week 2018


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 The “Amphora Vase” will be on show at the “1000 Vases” exhibition in Paris.


1000 Vases is an exhibition redefining space and the presentation of the art object. The scenography by the Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi states that the value of a work can be enriched by its proximity to another piece.

The proliferation of vases actually represents the concentration of artistic creativity. The swarm of objects brings forth an emotional tingling sensation; the exhibition itself is a collector of emotions, and reflects humanity in all its diversity and richness.

Roberto Baciocchi is among the international founders of the architectural interpretation of commercial premises in the luxury field. His activity, world-wide acknowledged and recognizable, is characterized by innovation – yet in full compliance with the standards and the DNA of the brands it refers to – and by the attention to and respect for the historical, architectural and social context of the environments, buildings and countries he works in.

Practical information:

Espace Commines 17 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris Metro : Filles du Calvaire & Saint Sébastien Froissart

1000 Vases is an event open to the public (free entrance):

Opening Cocktail: 7 September 7pm-9pm

Opening hours: 8-10 September 11am-7pm



Amphora Vase

Glass fibre reinforced polymer, metal coating
57 x 24 x 100 cm
Edition size: 18 + 3

Number 12./18 on display at 1000 Vases.

In the design of the Amphora Vase Philipp Aduatz takes his inspiration from organic forms and natural structures. Appealing is the elegance of shape and its presence in space. It appears metallic and therefore heavy but is in fact very light and durable. The Amphora Vase is crafted in a convincing design, which would be suitable even for larger objects.

For the development of the design, after first sketches, Aduatz created a clay model by hand to optimize shape and proportions. He then 3D scanned the model and perfected the surface on the computer. The final object was fabricated in a fiberglass reinforced polymer from CAD data. The chrome effect was obtained by applying a special mirror lacquer.

The name of the object, Amphora Vase, refers to the antique habit of storing fluids in amphorae.
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Philipp Aduatz
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