World’s first 3D printed film studio by Philipp Aduatz

World’s first 3D printed film studio by Philipp Aduatz

The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group commissioned Philipp Aduatz for the design and realization of the first 3D printed film studio. In collaboration with set designer Dominik Freynschlag and 3D concrete printing manufacturer incremental3d, a new and innovative application was realized through a unique structure using additive manufacturing and the latest LED technology.

Components produced by additive manufacturing with concrete are not only suitable for building construction applications, but also offer completely new creative qualities and possibilities in interior design, particularly in the combination with LED-technology as this project demonstrates.

The wall has a total weight of 3.500 kg. The external dimensions of the wall are: 630 cm width, 330 cm depth, 230 cm height.

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Philipp Aduatz
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