Soap dispenser

Minimalist design gives this series of soap dispensers its elegant appearance with respect for functionality in daily use. 2017 brass with chrome, nickel, gold, black and white powder coating finish 10 x 6 x 15,6 cm for KLOMFAR Vienna  ...


Bathroom Furniture for Klomfar

Designer Philipp Aduatz created a series of bathroom furniture resembling many of his previous works albeit featuring a novel and innovative character. The development process of the furniture series was conducted using latest technologies. Not only its sculptural design with its wave-resembling surface, but also...


Trophy II

The Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award was established by the University of Applied Arts Vienna in cooperation with the Museum of Arts and Design and the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. The design of the Trophy should correlate with the idea of the...



Trophy for the Austrian scientist of the years 2007–2018. Competition 1st place. The Trophy is made out of aluminium foam which is after foaming bended to its desired shape. Aluminum foam is a lightweight material with cellular structure and due to its technical as well as aesthetic properties very fascinating to...


Torah Pointer

A yad, literally, "hand," is a Jewish ritual pointer, popularly known as a Torah pointer, used by the reader to follow the text during the Torah reading from the parchment Torah scrolls. Beyond its practical usage, the yad ensures that the parchment is not touched...



SOLO is a marvellously round seating sculpture for an enhanced lounging sensation. The smooth surface made of synthetics, which are reinforced with glass fibre (GFRP), gleams intensely. Solo is a variation of the Fauteuil II, a limited edition furniture piece. Produced by Rausch Classics Germany  ...